How FundRacer Events Stays Ahead of the Pack in an Increasingly Competitive Fun Run Landscape Co-founder Michael Bleau recently sat down with the FundRacer team, which is behind Color in Motion 5K and the Great Inflatable Race. FundRacer has a portfolio of more than 50 races from three differently themed fun runs: Color in Motion 5K, The Great Inflatable Race, and the Santa Claus Run. Their events draw in more than 200,000 attendees annually, and between direct spend and media trades, their marketing outreach exceeds $800k annually. Read on find out exactly how they make the magic happen and continue to grow their brands while other fun runs are struggling for attendance and sponsorships.

Q: How long have you been producing fun runs? How did you get started, and what led your company to grow into its current size of producing over 50 fun runs annually across the country?

Ken Richardson, CEO: We started Color in Motion 5K series in 2012 with only one event, and from the success of that realized very quickly there was high demand, and exploded into a nationwide run series with 20 locations the follow year.

Phil Wright, VP Operations: The Great Inflatable Race, which which consisted of 23 events in 2016, had its origins during my time at Utah State University. My fraternity had rented a giant inflatable slide for a party, and it was such a hit that it dawned on me it would be a great idea as a theme for a fun run. At the time, there weren’t really other inflatable races out there. We kept the race local for a few years, and teamed up with Ken after meeting at the 2015 Intermountain Race Directors Conference and hitting it off.

Q: What makes your races different from other fun runs out there?

Dan Adams, VP Sponsorships: Ken ran cross country and track from junior high up through college, so he’s the real deal and that shows in the product we put out. On a given week, he’s typically running 60 or 70 miles, or 90 to 100 miles when he’s training for one of several marathons he runs every year. With his passion for and background in running, he’s able to act as a gateway to get people involved in running as a social activity. Tons of our attendees have never taken part in a 5K before coming to one of our races.

Phil: We also offer race registration, especially with the Great Inflatable Race, at a lower price point than many of the other fun runs. This makes it more affordable, more accessible and results in better attendance. We’ve been able to do this while still providing just as good, or even a better product, than comparable races out there.

Q: What types of people typically come to your races?

Phil: With the Great Inflatable Race, we tend to get a lot of families, which results in around 30% of the participants being under 18, and 60% being between the ages of 25 and 44. In contrast, Color in Motion 5K draws a more even distribution of ages, with a high concentration of young adult women, ages 18 to 35. In terms of household income, we generally attract middle class and above. Our audience is healthy living and fitness minded, more so than the fitness obsessed crowd.


Q: Who are some major sponsors you’ve worked with in previous years, and how did they enhance the run experience for participants?

Dan: One of our nationwide sponsors is the Road Runner Sports retail chain, who are great partners. They integrate into our packet pickups, and offer special deals to race participants. We have a long standing relationship with KissFM Radio in Chicago, who has brought in some of their major sponsor brands such as Sketchers, Mountain Dew and Snap Kitchen that has greatly enhanced our post race vendor village experience.

Q: Which of your events are you particularly proud of, or excited about, for this coming year?

Dan: For Color in Motion 5K, we love our Chicago race, which draws upwards of 10,000 people and we have a great partnerships with the city and local businesses. We also have a great time with our Coachella Valley event in Southern California, and we have a brand new venue for our Washington DC race this year at Six Flags America, which we are very excited about. Our theme this year is Viva La Color, as in Long Live Color!

Phil: For the Great Inflatable Race, we are excited to announce the addition of the Inflatable Village, which consists of additional inflatables apart from the 10-obstacle course. We think it will be a big hit with our families in attendance to hang out and enjoy all day after the race. Milwaukee, St. Louis and Vallejo, California are some of my favorites because of a combination of enjoying the cities, the participant enthusiasm and the size of the crowds we draw.

Be sure to check out more about Color in Motion 5K and The Great Inflatable Race from their websites. For more pics, video, and race-specific info, along with vendor and sponsorship opportunities at FundRacer events, visit and enter "Color in Motion" or "Great Inflatable" into our event search! .