Akron Marathon: Expo Management Evolved

Akron Marathon Starting Line

Akron Marathon: Background

Since 2003, the FirstEnergy Akron Marathon, Half Marathon, & Team Relay has grown year over year and continued to put on world class running events. In 2016 they were named one of the “Best Mid-Sized Marathons” by findmymarathon.com. Just this past year were selected as a runner up in RaceRaves poll for Best Half Marathons in the U.S. The Akron Marathon prides itself on having unparalleled execution – both on course and off – and that includes with their Health & Fitness Expo, led by Project Manager Katie Riley. Now in it’s 18th year, the expo has continued to grow alongside the race with attendance expecting to exceed 20,000. To keep up with their growing marathon expo management demands, this past year the Akron Marathon adopted Event Hub.

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The Marathon Expo Management Challenge

Akron Marathon Health and Wellness Expo

Health and Wellness Expo

“Automation and tracking is what led us to Event Hub.” 

Like many Event Hub customers, Katie and her team were using spreadsheets and emails to manage expo vendors. “Before Event Hub we solicited vendors through email. Vendors were then placed using a (static) floor plan provided by our venue and assigned numerically with a spreadsheet. Automation and tracking is what led us to Event Hub,” said Katie. Managing a large number of booths manually, in Akron’s case more than 70 vendors, takes a lot of time. As a result, it can prevent an event production team from having the bandwidth to build strong relationships with their vendors and sponsors.

Marathon Expo Management, Evolved

Akron Marathon Live Floor Plan

Akron Marathon Live Floor Plan

“The live floor plan has been a true game changer.”

While Akron Marathon initially came to Event Hub for better exhibitor tracking and automation, they found much more. The order dashboard allows them to streamline their entire expo, with custom applications, paperwork management, day-of-event logistics. In addition to this, a live floor plan easily manages the expo layout and booth inventory in real time. “The live floor plan has been a true game changer,” Katie exclaimed. “So has being able to quickly see who has completed their paperwork.” Katie and her team are able to upload required paperwork though a wizard. Exhibitors then access the docs from a Document Manager feature, where they can download, and then upload, filled-out event paperwork for Katie’s review. Katie, in turn, can review and approve vendor docs by booth, or on an event-wide level.

Wrapping Up With Some TLC

“Our experience has been amazing!”

Event Hub has helped the Akron Marathon streamline their expo operations from top to bottom all while providing industry-best training and support. “The Customer Success team has been there to help every step of the way,” said Katie. “They are also extremely open to product feedback, and new features we would like to see them add to the system. Our experience has been amazing!” With a tool set including exhibitor automation, deliverables tracking, efficient paperwork management and a live floor plan for real time booth layout changes and inventory management, it’s clear Katie and the Akron Marathon are benefitting from the ease Event Hub has brought to managing their expo.

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