2019 Lucerne Seafair Milk Carton Derby presented by Safeway Albertsons
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 Reg. Deadline: 06/01/2019

About This Event

The annual Milk Carton Derby is back for another year of creativity, science and boatmanship! Since 1972, this quirky event features colorful milk carton boats of all shapes and design racing on Green Lake. Children, adults, families, military, schools and businesses are all invited to build milk carton watercraft and compete on the waters of Green Lake for prizes and bragging rights.

Don't miss this special celebration during Seafair's 70th Anniversary!

Event Schedule

Jul 13
9:00am – 3:00pm


Female/Male Gender Split

56 %44 %


Cleaning Services
Branded Vehicles O.K.
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Special Notes

Regular exhibitor spaces are rented out in 10’x10’ squares. Seafair provides the booth space(s) and one (1) 6’ table and two (2) white folding chairs per booth space.

Concessions Vendors or Exhibitors selling products during the event will be subject to a commission fee in addition to the base price of the exhibit space.

Additional tables, chairs, and power may be ordered through Seafair at checkout. Tables and chairs for your booth will be delivered to your space prior to the start of any Seafair event (billed at your expense).

Unless you provide your own tent, additional furnishing must be obtained through Seafair. No other tent or rental provider will be permitted on Seafair grounds.

Seafair reserves the sole right to place exhibitors and vendors in a location. Please note any special requirements on your application.

At all events, Seafair will operate the main sound system. Exhibitors and sponsors are not allowed to play music at their booths, unless Seafair has granted them explicit permission.

Prohibited Categories

Adult Entertainment

Event Terms and Cancellation Policy