2021 At Home Wedding Expo VIRTUAL EVENT NY Metropolitan Area
 Virtual, NY
 Reg. Deadline: 03/08/2021

About This Event


Meet ✦ Educate ✦ Interact ✦ Sell ✦ Impact

Be part of the At Home Event experience, a unique niche online marketplace bringing people and businesses together. Invest in an innovative solution to educate and inspire customers, drive sales, and increase brand awareness from the comfort and safety of one’s home. Attendees can purchase products and services directly from your vendor booth. Buyers want to feel good about their choices, and virtual event marketing, when done correctly, is the best way to create this feeling.

The At Home Wedding Expo is the best place for engaged couples, their families, and bridal parties to discover ideas, products, and services while planning their dream wedding, home, honeymoon, and all the celebrations surrounding this special day. Attendees browse booths in Vendor Village + enjoy entertainment, demonstrations, and Wed Talks with industry professionals.

Event Sponsors: Kleinfeld Bridal, MyRegistry.com, NJWedding.com

At Home Wedding Expo - NY Metropolitan Area
Thursday, March 11 - Thursday, March 25 - Vendor Village open for two weeks 24/7
Interactive Lives - Brand Ambassador in Booth
Thursday, March 11th 6:00-10:00PM EST
Sunday, March 14th 7:00-9:00PM EST

Event Planners & Coordinators, Beauty (Hair/Makeup), Decor, Cakes & Sweet Treats, Caterers, Fashion (Bridal, Menswear, Shoes), Invitations & Stationery, Calligraphy, Favors & Gifts, Floral, Accessories, Jewelry, Event Rentals, Hotel Services, Lighting, Entertainment, Music (Bands/DJs/Soloists), Photography, Videography, Venues, Officiants, Financial Services, Real Estate, Transportation, Travel Specialists, Spa Services, Wedding Directory, Wellness, Fitness, Nutrition

1. Exhibit space in an online marketplace.
2. Customize and personalize your booth’s showcase page with a branded header, logo, company description, product photography, videos, educational brochures, and giveaways.
2. Link to your website, social media, & E-commerce online store or embed via Shopify.
3. Connect and engage face-to-face via online videoconference and text chat.
4. Company logo, website, social media, and description listed on the Wedding Expo page on the At Home Event website.
5. Custom graphic designed with brand logo & images of products/services to co-promote your appearance via social media and email campaign.


MEET THE VENDOR Video Production - $250.00
Professionally produced and packaged video to impress and influence the audience about your business. At Home Event will pre-record an up to 5-minute dedicated brand segment with a company spokesperson remotely to share what distinguishes its products/services from their competition. This video content can be featured in the vendor’s booth, website, YouTube, and social media marketing. This is only available to vendors who book an Interactive Vendor Booth.

Event Schedule

Mar 11
6:00pm – 10:00pm
Mar 18
6:00pm – 10:00pm
Mar 25
6:00pm – 10:00pm


Female/Male Gender Split

75 %25 %



Special Notes

Submission of an application does not guarantee acceptance. This At Home Event is a vetted wedding show with a curated collection of vendors.

List the products/services you wish to sell/market in detail. Enforced at the sole discretion of At Home Event; the failure to fully disclose these items may result in the removal of such an item, a monetary fine, the closure of your booth, and/or removal from the event without refund.

Confirmation or rejection of acceptance will be sent via e‐mail and will not be given over the phone without prior written confirmation.

Booth Fees are non‐refundable, with the exception of your application being rejected.

All fees must be paid in full upon your application being approved.

At Home Event reserves the right to move, discontinue, or limit the participation of any approved applicant at any time.

Exclusivity will not be granted to anyone. Vendor sales will be restricted to those items listed in your category on your approved application. You will be notified prior to acceptance if any of your listed items are required to be removed from your item list.

Vendor selling items that were not approved on the application may be subject to one or more of the following; Removal of the unapproved item(s), your expulsion from the event without refund.

The Sale of Fire Arms, Alcohol, Obscene Materials, Stolen Merchandise, and Illegal Paraphernalia is forbidden at all At Home Event productions.

There will be no refunds for failure to show, illness, internet connectivity issues, cancellation, or any reason other than the rejection of your application.

At Home Event may change or adjust the hours or days of the Event due to forces of nature, internet connectivity, or other occurrences beyond our reasonable control. Such changes will not be considered a breach of this agreement, and will not constitute grounds for a refund.

At Home Event does not guarantee the number of visitors to your booth in Vendor Village or to the Wedding Expo event.

Vendors are responsible for collecting and reporting their own sales tax.

Failure to comply with the Rules and Regulations governing this event may result in your expulsion from the event without a refund. Enforcement of these terms and conditions are at the sole discretion of At Home Event. At Home Event reserves, the right to interpret, modify, delete, or add to the rules as necessary for the smooth, sound, and efficient operations of the event.

Release of Liability. I, unconditionally waive, release, indemnify and forever discharge and hold harmless, At Home Event, the event named above, the city and or county the event is held in, all sponsoring organizations, their directors, officers, employees, agents, and volunteers, successors and assigns, and all other persons directly or indirectly liable, from all claims of legal or financial liability of any kind, including but not limited to, personal and economic injury, loss, costs, or damage arising out of or in conjunction with the above-named event, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable, including those resulting from negligence or fault, without regard to any hazards which may exist, whether hidden or obvious.

Severability. If any part of this Waiver and Release is found to be invalid, all other parts of this agreement shall remain binding and continue in full force and effect. I expressly agree that this agreement shall be construed as broadly as permitted by the law of the State of New Jersey.

Acknowledgment of Voluntariness. I have not been pressured or coerced in any way to participate in these activities. Any activities I undertake are done so voluntarily and solely for the purposes of participating in or attending the above event.

Affirmation. I affirm that I am an adult and legally competent to sign this release; that the terms of this release are contractual; and that this release shall be binding on me, my personal representatives, heirs, successors, and assigns. I have fully read and understood the contents of this agreement and I further acknowledge that I voluntarily execute the same without inducement or promise not contained herein.

Event Terms and Cancellation Policy