2021 Taste of Colorado Marketplace
 Denver, CO
 Reg. Deadline: 06/30/2021

About This Event

The Downtown Denver Partnership is transforming the community tradition, Taste of Colorado in 2021! We are thrilled to announce that this year’s event will take place throughout the streets of Downtown Denver over Labor Day weekend, September 4-6, to celebrate our city and diverse food, music, and culture.

As we continue our work to build an economically resilient Center City, we have shifted the look of A Taste of Colorado in 2021. Our primary focus continues to be the health and safety of our community and downtown businesses. If you are interested in participating in the event as a restaurant, marketplace vendor, musician or sponsor, please visit www.atasteofcolorado.com for more information.

Event Schedule

Sep 04
11:00am – 10:00pm
Sep 05
11:00am – 10:00pm
Sep 06
11:00am – 10:00pm


Female/Male Gender Split

49 %51 %

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Past or Current Sponsors and Vendors

Previous Year Total Exhibitors, Vendors and Sponsors: 275

Special Notes


1) At the top, right hand side of this page, select 'Book Event Space'

2) Using the category descriptions in the Marketplace Handbook, identify your appropriate vendor category. Category descriptions are also available for review below.

3) Choose the appropriate booth type.

4) Click 'Add to Cart' and proceed to the application



Fine Art

All work in this category must be 100% original and produced by the exhibiting artist. Offset reproductions of applicant’s original art may be sold but must represent a small percentage of the total work on display. Component parts not made by the artist must play a subordinate role in the overall work (If they do not, then the classification would be “Handcrafted”). Category includes: ceramics, fiber art, glass, graphics (drawing, printmaking), jewelry (all parts original), 2-D and 3-D mixed media, painting, photography, pottery, sculpture, wood, and literary works.

Hand Crafted by Exhibiting Vendor

All work in this category must be personally handcrafted by the exhibiting vendor from components and/or kits, commercial molds, and personally embellished clothing items. Category includes: functional art, tie dye artists, face painting/body art, floral arrangements, jewelry (beaded or strung), soaps, potpourri, woodworking, home crafts, country crafts, and hair wraps.

Specialty Foods - Handcrafted Bulk Foods/Homegrown Farmers Market

Prepackaged food products intended for home consumption (i.e. dips, jams, salsas, vinegar, etc.) qualify for this category. Items sold must be handmade and hand packaged by the participant (not mass produced). Category includes: handcrafted food products prepackaged to be consumed at home, farm fresh produce, uncooked pastas, soups, honey, un-popped popcorn, fresh flowers, etc. If your product is mass-produced, please apply under the “Commercial/Import” category.

Commercial/Quality Imports

Category includes: imported clothing and accessories, jewelry (imported or mass-produced), t-shirts, temporary tattoos, framed art, toys, and specialty food items that are not handmade and which are prepackaged for home consumption.

Home & Lifestyle Products

Category includes: household items, linens, bedding, pillows, kitchen accessories and lifestyle-enhancing products.
Exhibit Space & Amenities:
- All exhibit spaces are 10’x10’
- Exhibitors must provide their own tent, tent weights, booth display, tables, chairs, and lights (ground stakes are not allowed and will result in a $150 fine)
- Displays must be contained within the 10’ x 10’ assigned space
- Vehicle loading and unloading at booth space
- On-site Marketplace staff

The booth space and the immediate area around it must be kept clean during the Festival and left clean at the end of the Festival. The Festival shall have the authority to adjust booths for the visual and safety benefit of the entire Festival. The Festival has final authority over booth space issues. Exhibitors must be present at their booth during all Festival hours.

With this new format of Taste of Colorado, each booth will be asked to set up and breakdown each day. There will be NO overnight security to watch your booths this year.


Full program details can be found in the Marketplace Handbook, Available at Atasteofcolorado.com

Prohibited Categories

Adult Entertainment

Event Terms and Cancellation Policy