West Fargo, ND

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With 900+ exhibit booths, training sessions, demonstrations, and countless opportunities to connect with your peers, there is little doubt that Big Iron is the event for agribusiness. The Big Iron Farm Show is the largest farm show in the upper Midwest. This show is held annually in September at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds, in West Fargo, North Dakota.

Event Schedule

Sep 14
9:00am – 5:00pm
Sep 15
9:00am – 5:00pm
Sep 16
9:00am – 4:00pm


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Onsite Camping

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Special Notes


• SHIPMENTS: Shipments and deliveries will not be accepted until AFTER SEPTEMBER 8th! Any shipments received prior to September 8th will be charged a storage fee of $50.00 per day per box/equipment. All shipments must be clearly labeled with an Exhibitor’s Company AND Booth Number.

• FORKLIFT AVAILABILITY (SET-UP): Forklifts are available at no charge for unloading only and a one-time set-up. Once your item(s) are in your booth space(s) you must make other arrangements to relocate them. For safety reasons, forklifts cannot be combined to lift heavy objects. Operators will work on a first-come, first-served basis. Gratuities are prohibited. Forklifts will not lift more than their rated capacity. If you have items that exceed weight limits you will need to make other arrangements. Big Iron Farm Show uses two telehandlers that can handle 6,000 lbs. each and two that can handle 12,000 lbs. each. If these are not adequate for your needs please make other arrangements. Forklifts and tractors will not be available during show hours!

• FORKLIFT OPERATOR GUIDELINES: The Red River Valley Fair Association/Big Iron Farm Show Forklift Operators are certified by the North Dakota Safety Council. Operators have the right to ask for proof of cargo weight and to refuse service if they believe there is a potential safety hazard. Red River Valley Fair Association/Big Iron Farm Show Operators are in charge of unloading and loading cargo, and will arrange for another employee as a spotter if needed (item is too large to clearly see around). No one else will be permitted to spot for the Operator. Only Red River Valley Fair Association/Big Iron Farm Show employees, who are certified in safe lift operation, will be allowed to operate loading and/or unloading equipment owned or leased by Red River Valley Fair Association/Big Iron Farm Show i.e. forklifts and tractors. All Exhibitors are prohibited from operating this equipment. Any unloading or loading of cargo from or to a trailer will require the tractor to be completely shut down, air brakes applied and trailer chocked. If at any time the lift operator feels the area is unsafe or there are issues with exhibitors the operator will shut down immediately and notify the Operations Manager. If for some reason the Operations Manager cannot resolve the issue, it will be turned over to the General Manager. Exhibitors may provide their own equipment for loading, unloading, and moving equipment but said equipment must be insured and proof of insurance provided before equipment is permitted to be operated on grounds.

• OUTDOOR EXHIBIT SET-UP: Supervised set-up hours will start Tuesday, September 7th. Set-up hours will be Tuesday-Friday, 8AM to 4PM and Saturday and Sunday, 8AM-12PM. The Big Iron Farm Show does not provide any ground cover (shavings, woodchips, mulch, etc.). If your company puts any ground cover down, your company must remove the said grounds cover or damage fee will be billed for removal.

• HOLES IN ASPHALT: **There will be a minimum of $15.00 per hole charge for holes put in the asphalt. ** Price is subject to change for larger holes.

• GRAIN BINS: All grain bins may move-in starting September 7th. We recommend grain bins be completely set up by Friday, September 10th at 8 AM.

• INDOOR EXHIBIT (SET-UP): Supervised set-up will be Friday, September 10th, 8:30 AM-4 PM, Saturday, September 11th, and Sunday, September 12th from 8:30 AM-12Noon, and Monday, September 13th, 8 AM-5 PM. All indoor displays must be set up by 5PM on Monday, September 13th. No security will be on grounds until Monday, September 13th at 5 PM. Set up at your own risk prior to Monday, September 13th.

No sign, partition, apparatus, equipment, fixture or furnishing may extend more than 10 feet above the floor in a building in an exhibit space without permission of the Big Iron Farm Show Management. No pins or tacks are permitted in drapes, walls, posts, etc. No nails or screws shall be placed into the floor. All structural work or alterations shall be approved and inspected by the Big Iron Farm Show Management. All construction materials used shall comply with existing fire codes or regulations. All flammable materials such as bunting, trees, drapes, etc., shall be fireproofed. All cloth over a one-yard square, unless it is displayed product, shall be fireproofed. NO CREPE PAPER, CONFETTI, OR GLITTER IS PERMITTED. The use of sound motion pictures and tape recorders may be permitted where such is appropriate to the display, provided the sound is no louder than a conversational level. Vehicles and equipment, that are displayed indoors, having gasoline or any other flammable fuel reservoirs shall be emptied, fuel caps shall be sealed or taped, and batteries or other electrical sources shall be disconnected. Such vehicles and equipment shall be subject to inspection by the Fire Marshall and Big Iron Farm Show Management at any time. Any special carpentry, gas, steam, water, or drainage connections shall be installed at the Exhibitors’ expense. Any display creating smoke or noxious odors or fumes shall be properly vented at the Exhibitors’ expense
• DISPLAY GUIDELINES: ALL AISLES AND WALKWAYS shall be kept clear of displays. No interview, demonstration, distribution of literature, signage, or similar activity shall be permitted outside the exhibit area. No canvassing or solicitation is permitted. THE BIG IRON FARM SHOW MANAGEMENT may refuse exhibit space if a display would detract from the dignity of the Event. ALL RVS, CAMPERS, OR OTHER UNITS placed on the Licensed Premises must be of the shape and size which fit completely within the boundaries of the Licensed Premises and does not detract from the Exhibitor’s display or neighboring displays, and shall be used solely for the purposes of the exhibit. There are no “for sale” signs on campers, recreational vehicles or other units being used as an office space. There will be no vehicles allowed in exhibitor booths (except for those that are the primary product being displayed) at this year’s Big Iron Farm Show and must remain on-site during the entire show.

• TEAR DOWN: The show ends at 4 PM on Thursday, September 16th. Booths cannot be removed or torn down prior to this time. Gates to the exhibit/display areas will be opened at 4PM; any vehicle that enters the show grounds before 4PM (even if there is access) will lose their first right of refusal for the next year show.

• FORKLIFT AVAILABILITY (TEAR-DOWN): Forklifts will be available at no charge on Thursday, September 16th, from 4 PM until dusk, Friday, September 17th, 8 AM – 5 PM, & Saturday morning, September 18th, 8 AM – 10:30 AM. The Red River Valley Fair Assn./Big Iron Farm Show will not have forklifts or tractors available any other time.

• REMOVAL OF EQUIPMENT AND DISPLAYS: All equipment and displays MUST BE REMOVED from the Big Iron Farm Show/Red River Valley Fairgrounds (including all parking lots and field demo area) by 8:00AM on Monday, September 27th. *** IF EXHIBITOR HAS NOT REMOVED THEIR EXHIBIT FROM THE GROUNDS WITHIN THE SAID PERIOD, EXHIBITOR WILL BE ASSESSED A CHARGE OF $50.00 / DAY / ITEM IN STORAGE. ***

• LICENSING & SALE TAX: Exhibitor shall be obligated to secure any licenses or permits necessary for Exhibitor’s exhibit or for the sale of products from the Licensed Premises. Exhibitor shall also be solely responsible for collection and payment of any state and local sale and use taxes resulting from the sale of products, if any, from the Licensed Premises.

• ACCESS: All vehicles that are not part of your exhibit must be off grounds by 8:45 AM each morning and may not be moved around exhibit/display areas during show hours. Buildings will be opened no later than 8:30 AM for restocking and preparing for the day. Exhibitors who require delivery service or stocking of exhibits during the event must do so before 8:45AM. Buildings will be closed and locked down at the close of the show Tuesday and Wednesday. The buildings will not be closed down until dusk on Thursday. All indoor exhibits must be removed by 12 PM Noon on Friday, September 18th. Exhibits must be properly manned during open hours. We recognize that some booths are manned by one person and therefore that person is not expected to be in the booth at all times but must be on the grounds. Exhibitors with unmanned (no person available, in the booth, at any time during the show hours) exhibits will automatically forfeit their right to return in future years.

• USE CONDITIONS: Exhibitor shall, at its own expense, keep the licensed premises clean, neat and in good order, condition and repair, damaged by unavoidable casualty accepted. Exhibitor shall not commit or allow to be committed any waste or damage to Red River Valley Fair Association property, real or personal, or cause any nuisance to, or do any act or thing which may disturb the quiet enjoyment of any other exhibitor, concessionaire, or person attending the Big Iron Farm Show. The Big Iron Farm Show management recognizes that some exhibitors have products that due to their nature are louder and possibly disruptive; these exhibitors are requested to limit their noise level as much as possible. Exhibitor shall be responsible for other damage caused by Exhibitor, its personnel, or its exhibit. Red River Valley Fair Association/Big Iron Farm Show shall not be responsible for damage to, loss, or theft of property of the Exhibitor.

• PROMOTIONAL: Promotional items may be used in an exhibit space, however, no food or beverages may be sold or given away without prior written approval of the Big Iron Farm Show Management.

Event Terms and Cancellation Policy