Oakland, CA
 Reg. Deadline: 10/14/2019

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The Unity Council Día de Los Muertos Annual Festival is a free, outdoor festival that brings over 100,000 people to the vibrant, culturally-rich Fruitvale neighborhood to enjoy world-class live music, family-friendly games, rides and activities, traditional Latin American artisans, and the stunning altar artistic installations created by community members paying homage to los Muertos. The Día de los Muertos Festival was inducted into the U.S. Library of Congress by Congresswoman Barbara Lee as a “Local Legacy.”

This is a tremendous opportunity to reach a diverse group of shoppers who are looking for unique crafts and gifts. Thousands of families with children of all ages join us for family-friendly activities, teenagers come to get their face painted and buy unique accessories, and people from across the Bay Area want to take home a slice of the Día magic.

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Nov 02
10:00am – 5:00pm


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