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 Reg. Deadline: 08/31/2020

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Exhibitor Space Registration:
To register for exhibitor space in the 2020 Oakland Pride Festival:

Click on the following link: https://eventhub.net/events/Oakland-Pride-Festival-2020_1760
Select “Book Event Space” under “Opportunities” on the right hand side of the page

Select the type space that applies to your specific organization (national, local, nonprofit, business, etc.) and “Add to Cart”

Log in or create an account and EventHub will walk you through the remainder of the registration process

Exhibitor Space Pricing:

Arts + Crafts: $285 (this category is reserved for vendors selling entirely handmade products, and is intended to promote access for local makers, craftsmen, and artists. Arts & Crafts vendor placement this year is TBD. To guarantee more centralized placement, all are welcome to apply under the Local Business category.)
Local Business: $585 (this category applies to businesses BASED IN the Bay Area that do not operate at the statewide or national level.)
National Business or Franchise: $1785
Campaigning Politician: $435
Government Agency/Political Group/Elected Official: $385
Nonprofit Local: $160 (this category is reserved for local nonprofits, meaning those based out of Oakland and serving the San Francisco Bay Area specifically) whose annual budget (as per 990 Form) does not exceed $500,000)
Nonprofit Mid-Range: $635 (this category applies to non-local nonprofits, meaning organizations that operate beyond the Bay Area, whose annual budget falls between $500,000 to $10 million, verified by submission of your 990 Form.)
Nonprofit National: $1750 (this applies to anyone whose annual budget is anywhere over $10 million, as verified by your 990 Form)
Food Truck (up to 10×25): $1285
Food Vendor (non-dessert): $1030
Dessert Food Vendor: $485


2020 UPDATE: Thanks to the requests of several of our 2019 vendors, we have built in the mandatory $35 environmental clean-up fee this year, rather than listing it as a mandatory add-on item. Overall registration prices HAVE NOT increased, as this fee has always been required, it has just been built in to streamline the registration process.

This page is specifically for the Oakland Pride 2020 FESTIVAL. If your organization wishes to also register for exhibitor booth space in the Oakland Pride 2020 PARADE, use the following link:https://eventhub.net/events/Oakland-Pride-Parade-2020_1761

Booth space assignments will not be made until ONE WEEK prior to the event. All vendors will be notified as soon as this information becomes available.

Requesting specific spaces anywhere on your application DOES NOT guarantee your placement there.

Exhibitor booth space orders are for the SPACE itself, and do not include the booth structure, table, or chairs. This is to allow all organizations to cut down on costs and provide their own supplies. Rental booth structures, tables, and chairs are all available as add-on items during checkout.

Upon submission, your order will be reviewed by Oakland Pride’s Treasurer, who will approve, reject, or modify your order. You will be notified of any updates made to your order.

All spaces are 10×10 except for the food truck option, which is up to 10×25.

Food vendor spaces (food truck spaces excluded) include an additional 10×10 space BEHIND their vending space for cooking/grilling.

If purchasing two spaces within the festival, please specify if you need your spaces to be side-by-side

Upon approval of your order, you will be prompted via email to submit your payment information. Approved orders are NOT confirmed until your PAYMENT is received.

Orders for exhibitor space will be accepted until September 1st, 2020.

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