Philadelphia Marathon Health & Fitness Expo 2019
 Philadelphia, PA
 Reg. Deadline: 11/08/2019

About This Event

2019 Marathon Weekend - November 22-24

The 2019 Health & Fitness Expo is the first event during Marathon Weekend. The Expo is free and open to the public and where runners get their race bibs, tech-shirts and weekend information. Expo attendees will have an opportunity to interact with a wide array of exhibitors and vendors with the latest in running gear, health and nutritional aids, electronics and technical gear, safety wear and much more. The Expo opens on Friday with a press conference introducing sponsors, and elites in the running community. Seminars will be held with experts in various fields to provide tips on running injuries, anxiety, women and safety, nutrition, footwear and more. An in depth Marathon course review by LEGacy Charter Member Mark Sullivan will be provided on Friday and Saturday. He will share valuable course information. A must for the first timer and also good as a refresher for those who have run the course before. Additionally, two running legends Bill Rodgers and Bart Yasso will also be on hand to share their experiences over their illustrious running careers. A fashion show will take place during "happy hour" Friday evening featuring several must have outfits for the fashion forward runner. A Virtual Race Bag (VRB) option is available for product promotion or to provide a special offer to help navigate participants to your booth. The VRB patron information is posted for all to view. The Dunkin' Munchkin Zone will be outfitted with activities all weekend for the little ones and big ones too! The Health & Fitness Expo will have something for everyone!

Event Schedule

Nov 22
12:00pm – 9:00pm
Nov 23
10:00am – 7:00am


Participants in the Marathon Weekend events represent all demographics -Women and men of all ages, income levels, ethnicities and physical abilities.

Female/Male Gender Split

54 %46 %


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Past or Current Sponsors and Vendors

Previous Year Total Exhibitors, Vendors and Sponsors: 99

Special Notes

Booth selection is confirmed when payment is paid in full via charge or when check has cleared the issuing bank.

All standard (10’x10’) booth rentals include: 8’back drape, 3’ side drapes; 1- company booth identification sign and number; 1 - 6’ draped table, 2- chairs and waste basket.

Other optional needs such as electricity and internet service must be secured by exhibitor/vendor at your expense through the Convention Center. Access your document manager in your order summary to view this, once your submission has been approved.

Prohibited Categories

Adult Entertainment

Event Terms and Cancellation Policy