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 Reg. Deadline: 07/20/2020

About This Event

RRCA State Championship Race.
We offer numerous races including our main event, the 7 mile (Quad City Times BIX7).
2 miles (Prairie Farms Quick BIX),
Kids Races (Arconic Jr. BIX),
Brady Street Sprints (Genesis Brady Street)
Beat the Elite (Isle Casino's Beat the Elite).
This out-and-back race throughout Davenport, IA is rife with seriously steep hills. It's only seven miles long but feels more like you're doing a marathon. The challenge begins immediately with Brady Street Hill, the most severe and longest incline- a seven to nine percent grade for approximately a third of a mile. That's stationed just after the starting line. Another doozy, McClellan Boulevard hill, arrives at the turnaround point. The event celebrates it's 46th year and owes much of its success and the popularity with elites- to distance runner Bill Rodgers who joined the race in 1980 in lieu of the boycotted Moscow Olympics. Since then, our race regularly draws top talent from around the globe, including Joan Benoit Samuelson and Meb Keflezighi, who compete yearly alongside Bill Rodgers.

Event Schedule

Jul 23
4:00pm – 9:00pm
Jul 24
9:00am – 8:00pm


Female/Male Gender Split

50.4 %49.6 %


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Previous Year Total Exhibitors, Vendors and Sponsors: 53

Special Notes

No refunds on expo booth space.
2. Move-in/out. Enter/exit the RiverCenter via the loading dock at 238 Pershing Street, Davenport, IA. Parking restricted to 30
minutes. Hand trucks and dollies permitted; no pallet jacks, hydraulics, forklifts, etc. Exhibitor names listed will be allowed access
into the expo hall during setup, tear down, before and after show times.
a. Move in. Wednesday, July 22 12:00 pm – 4:30 pm and Thursday, July 23, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. Advance shipping
requests contact Brad Curry with the RiverCenter at [email protected] or 563-328-6720.
b. Move out. Friday, July 24, 8:01 pm – 11:00 pm. No early move out. A late fee of $100/hour will be charged starting at
11:01 pm, July 24, 2020 for vendors still in the building with merchandise.
3. Parking. Park in the attached RiverCenter Ramp at 104 E. 2nd Street. Approach downtown via River Drive from the East and turn
up Perry Street. Once at the 2nd and Perry Street intersection, the entrance will be to your left.
4. Booth
a. Display. Display material including literature is allowed within your booth space only. Nothing may be posted, tacked,
mailed or screwed to columns, walls, floor or other parts of the building. Damage and defacement are your responsibility.
All exposed areas of the exhibit must have finished surfaces including the back and sides. All exit signs and fire hose
cabinets are to be kept clear and unobstructed. Any part of any booth needing a finished surface at or after 4:00 pm on
Thursday, July 23, 2019 will be draped at the expense of the exhibitor. Expo Director will decide whether drape is needed.
b. Restrictions. Booth height is restricted to 8'. Signage, including banners, may be taller than 8’ but not obstruct the view of
Expo signage. Expo management has the right to alter any exhibits that exceed this limit. No open flame or combustible
decorations. No booth graphics permitted on outside walls or facing backside exhibits. Hand-lettered signage is
prohibited. Show management may require a change in a booth if, in show management's opinion, the booth is
substandard or interferes with another exhibitor's display.
c. Sound. Sound levels of presentations are to be maintained at a reasonable level as a courtesy to fellow exhibitors. Booth
sound may not interfere with Expo music/sound. Expo director reserves right to determine noise reduction or elimination.
d. Storage. Storage is acceptable under table skirting; prohibited behind or around exhibits.
e. Distribution. Distribution of any samples, literature or other materials from a non-exhibiting company is prohibited. Please
note: Exhibiting publishers are permitted to distribute their own magazines that contain non‐exhibitor advertising in their
booth space only.
f. Sales. A receipt must accompany all merchandise sold at show. All merchandise sold at the show must be approved by
show management. Iowa sales tax permits will be provided to out-of-state vendors. Iowa state sales tax is 7%. Running
and walking shoe sales are restricted to Gold Medal Sponsor, retail partner Running Wild.
g. Location. Show management has the right to change your booth location prior to the start of the show. Management will
make every attempt to ensure your new booth placement is comparable and adequate.
5. Publicity. Expo Director will handle all publicity. No exhibitor shall be allowed to use the media to represent his or her company,
product or person, inside the Expo Hall, without the expressed permission of Expo Director. Expo Director must be informed of any
media in the Expo Hall prior to any interview given by an exhibitor or representative thereof. The Quad-City Times will publish a
special section listing all exhibitors one week prior to race.
6. Security. Uniformed guards will be on the floor after show hours.
7. Insurance. A certificate of Liability Insurance form must be on file with the Expo Director by July 10, 2020. You will not be
permitted to participate in the show without it. Certificate of Liability Insurance is defined as extra territorial coverage of theft, public
liability, and property damage. Certificate of Liability Insurance shall have the following statement: “The RiverCenter, VenuWorks,
Running Wild, the Quad‐City Times Bix7, as well as organizations and individuals employed by or associated with the show and
the Quad‐City Times Bix7 race are not responsible for injury or damage that may occur to an exhibitor, his/her employees or
agents, or expo participant, nor are they responsible for the safety of any exhibitor or exhibitor’s property against robbery, fire,
accident or other destructive causes.”
8. Hotel. The Isle Casino Hotel Bettendorf is proud to be the host hotel for the Bix7. 1-800-THE-ISLE

Prohibited Categories

Adult Entertainment

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