Sea Isle City Food Truck Weekend Events
 Sea Isle City, NJ
 Reg. Deadline: 07/01/2020

About This Event

The Sea Isle City Food Truck Festivals have been a trademark event for Southern New Jersey for 6 years as the first in the region to bring food trucks from major metropolitan areas to the Jersey shore. Expanding in 2020 to include more Gourmet food and drink options the event is ready for its second reiteration with two events dovetailing the summer season.

The event takes place at Kix McNutley's 6400 Landis Ave. in Sea Isle City. There will be over 15 food trucks, crafters, live music, and family fun. The event is in the height of the summer season when people are traveling to the beach from 3 major metropolitan areas: Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and New York City.

Dates for 2020 are: June 26th, 27th & 28th (Fri-Sun). September 11 & 12 (Fri & Sat)

Event Schedule

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Female/Male Gender Split

58 %42 %

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Previous Year Total Exhibitors, Vendors and Sponsors: 40

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Adult Entertainment

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