Tough Mudder College Station
 Bryan, TX
 Reg. Deadline: 02/17/2020

About This Event

Same Epic Venue, Brand New Course
Tough Mudder 5K College Station is returning to central Texas for the most epic party the Lone Star State has ever seen. This high octane fun run with winding motocross and jeep trails through seriously steep hills is going down at Brazos Valley Off Road Ranch just 15 minutes from the Texas A&M campus.

Tough Mudder is a two-day event with thousands of participants and spectators. Each Tough Mudder event features a Mudder Village Festival where participants and spectators can drink a celebratory beverage, get some food and celebrate their accomplishments.

Event Schedule

Mar 21
7:00am – 6:00pm
Mar 22
8:00am – 5:00pm


Three words to describe Tough Mudders are: Adventurous - Courageous - Millennials

The average age for a Tough Mudder participant is 31 years old.
90% are college educated.
88% exercise regularly or often.
86% love trying new things.
75% are early adopters or early majority.
Tough Mudders spend an average of 25 hours on digital media per week.

The average income is between $75K and $80K.

Female/Male Gender Split

45 %55 %


Trash Service

Special Notes

Tough Mudder events and the Mudder Village are located in outdoor venues. Tough Mudder events are held "rain or shine" - weather adds to the challenge and Mudders enjoy a challenge.

Mudder Village space pricing does not include any additional marketing exposure, either in advance or onsite. If you wish to have additional marketing exposure, our sponsorship team can work with you to craft a package.

Prices are for space only. You are allowed and encouraged to use your own branded tent. Tent, table and chair rentals are available for purchase during check-out. Power is also available via rental generators.

Some product categories are exclusive to Tough Mudder sponsors and partners. Please let us know the product or products you plan to sell or market. We will need this information to approve your application.

Prohibited Categories

Adult Entertainment

Event Terms and Cancellation Policy