About us

What is Event Hub all about?

We offer intuitive exhibitor/participant management software for live event organizers, which ties into a sponsorship marketplace of over 200+ events across the US and Canada.

The cloud-based management platform streamlines exhibitor applications, payments, paperwork and logistics, and also offers live floor plans for easy booth inventory management and assignments.

The marketplace provides events with multi-media rich “showcase” pages that are discoverable via keyword search and browsing from our home page. Thousands of brands, agencies and event marketers off all types use our marketplace to hunt to great exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities.

We also help exhibitors...

Exhibitors (aka vendors, sponsors, event marketers) get free accounts on Event Hub to manage deliverables for their booked events. We also provide them with time-saving tools like storing applications to their accounts for re-use as “profiles”, and “watch lists” for keeping desired events close at hand until they’re ready to apply.

Who are we?

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