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The Role that Sponsorships Play in Event Marketing

Event organizers think about sponsors as a revenue channel, but they often overlook the potential event marketing benefits. Although it’s a given that an event will already provide amplification for its sponsors, it’s important to realize that with the right [...]

Event Management Streamlined with the Right Software

The Advantage of Specialized Event Management Software: Ditch the Spreadsheets Your organization has a lot riding on a successful event, whether it’s the acquisition of new partners, increased respect in the industry or bottom-line return on your investment. Not only [...]

Event Management Resource and Guidebook

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Event management involves efficient top-level leadership. The execution of a successful event involves many steps and a lot of strategic planning. In this guidebook, we will cover the following topics as it pertains to event management. Be sure to bookmark [...]

Event Sponsorship Resources and Guidebook

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Event sponsorship fuels most successful public events. Not only do sponsors fund a large portion of event budgets, but they can also assist with marketing. They can help amplify the event's messaging through their own channels and platforms. Finding the [...]

Event Management Stakeholders: 3 Communication Concepts to Master

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When an event is going through any type of status change, communication is critical at every stage of the process. From the decision-making to the announcement, involving event stakeholders properly is crucial. In the beginning, an event management company should [...]

Virtual Event Resources and Guidebook

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A virtual event is defined as “an online event that involves people interacting in a virtual environment on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location". This could be anything from a live streamed concert to a virtual trade [...]

Starting an Event Instagram: Go Pro in 5 Simple Steps

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For those who aren't experts, social media can be daunting. Being selected to create your event organization's social accounts with no prior knowledge can seem very overwhelming. However, like most things, all it takes is a little bit of guidance [...]