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Event Mapping Best Practices: How to Use Maps to Elevate Your Events

A successful event is a well-planned event, and nothing helps planning more than a good map. This guide features three sections: The Basics of Event Mapping Software How to Use Event Mapping to Grow Event Revenue Why we think EventHub's [...]

5 Lessons from Spartan Races on How to Launch a Calendar of Events

Looking to launch a successful event series? Read on for a behind-the-scenes look at how one of the most popular event series recently has a very success launch of the Spartan Race 2024 event calendar on EventHub’s marketplace for finding [...]

The Role that Sponsorships Play in Event Marketing

Event organizers think about sponsors as a revenue channel, but they often overlook the potential event marketing benefits. Although it’s a given that an event will already provide amplification for its sponsors, it’s important to realize that with the right [...]

Event Management Streamlined with the Right Software

The Advantage of Specialized Event Management Software: Ditch the Spreadsheets Your organization has a lot riding on a successful event, whether it’s the acquisition of new partners, increased respect in the industry or bottom-line return on your investment. Not only [...]

Event Management Resource and Guidebook

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Event management involves efficient top-level leadership. The execution of a successful event involves many steps and a lot of strategic planning. In this guidebook, we will cover the following topics as it pertains to event management. Be sure to bookmark [...]

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