We are Event Hub: a game changing exhibitor management platform and live event marketplace, that is taking the endurance race expo industry by storm. Top US marathons such as the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon, the Chevron Houston Marathon, Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, The AACR Philadelphia Marathon, and dozens of others are now using Event Hub to manage their expos and finish line festival exhibitors. These premiere races find our platform to be intuitive, clean and quick, with tools to easily manage exhibitor applications, payments, paperwork, and logistics. Why do they feel this way?

“Event Hub allows me to streamline all communications with our vendors, and lets me focus more on creating a flawless event. With the online platform allowing me to upload all necessary vendor applications and documents, I no longer need to send emails with 5 attachments and constantly check for signed forms. Event Hub shows me everything vendors have signed and what they need to complete without any hassle, making paperwork a breeze.” -Joe Castellaneta, Manager, Operations and Expo, Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon

Electronic Booth Applications

Event Hub offers digital and customizable applications to event organizers, which include space for exhibitor social media links, as well as, file uploads for logo, booth, and product pictures. Even better, exhibitors can store and reuse their applications in subsequent years, saving them time as well. After submission, organizers can make changes to the application as needed to update contacts or other changes, and can also add a custom tag to an exhibitor submission to sort them into sub groupings for later reference and communication.

“Event Hub is a great tool to centralize communications with exhibitors, as well as to broaden our expo’s appeal.” – David Ganley, City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia Marathon and Broad Street Run

Direct Payments

One aspect of Event Hub that differentiates our system from other live floor plans and consumer-focused ticketing platforms is that payments go directly into the event’s bank account, which means there are no additional booking fees. Our system currently offers three payment gateways, PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net that can optionally collect exhibitor payment info at checkout, and also be used to manage refunds.

“Event Hub has given us the ability to provide our vendors with a live visual of available booth spaces at any time, which has helped us be a more transparent host event.” – Kelly Donahue, Event Experience Manager, Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Health & Fitness Expo

Paperwork and Logistics Management

Event Hub includes a mobile-friendly document manager that makes it easy for organizers to approve exhibitor uploaded paperwork such as COIs, food permits, contracts, and more. An interactive floor plan upgrade, used by the majority of our marathon clients, assists in managing large numbers of booths and can share logistics information easily through exhibitor order summaries. Our batch messaging tool gives organizers the ability to communicate with one, all, or subgroups of exhibitors through the previously mentioned order tags.


America’s biggest race expos are benefitting from Event Hub, along with food, wine, music, and holiday festivals nationwide. Our platform allows sales teams to increase revenue by focusing more time on growing exhibitor and sponsor relationships, and operations teams to cut costs and be more responsive to participant needs. Request a demo below to see how Event Hub can help streamline your event’s exhibitor management process, and free up your team to focus on what matters most.