We first came across TicketSpice when we met their Co-founder John Russell and VP of Sales Shadi Hayek at an annual event organizer conference called IFEA, and we were instantly intrigued with their new approach to ticketing. The more we got to know them and their company culture over the next several industry shows, the more we liked. Their industry-low ticketing fees, combined with their intuitive software platform that easily collects targeted attendee data, is a powerful platform to help organizers sell out their events. We love sharing great tools with our customers to help them find success, so we recently sat down with the TicketSpice team for a deeper look into what makes them a special company and a great choice as a ticketing platform.

TicketSpice is an online ticketing system built for those who are tired of high fees and limited options. We know first hand that event promoters want affordability, peace of mind, and to host a successful event. We believe events deserve a ticketing partner who is in their corner. This is why we have helped over 30,000 customers to process over 2 billion dollars!

TicketSpice does things a little different than other online ticketing providers. Can you tell us a little about the company behind TicketSpice and what makes you different?

Absolutely! TicketSpice was co-founded by Eric Knopf and John Russell as a solution to their own frustrations hosting events with online ticketing. They wanted to create a product that was known for what it didn’t do. No contracts, no forced accounts, no setup fees, no branding wars, no soliciting, and especially no fee gouging.

Ultimately, TicketSpice wants events to shine. We believe the event experience starts on the ticketing page, that’s why we make the experience all about event brands! The event gets to customize their branding, look, and information.

You allow event organizers to keep their own ticketing fees. How does that work?

Correct! You work hard for those ticket sales, so there’s no reason to have a greedy ticketing company with their hand in your cookie jar! This is why we allow you to set and keep the “ticketing fee” that you charge your attendees. We simply charge $0.99 per ticket. We’ve literally helped customers make hundreds of thousands of dollars by allowing them to set the fee at industry standard rates and keep the difference. We can’t think of an easier way to increase the bottom line than by simply switching to TicketSpice.

How can you use TicketSpice alongside EventHub?

TicketSpice and EventHub are extremely like-minded. Neither of us is trying to be all things to all people. Instead, we have both chosen select portions of the industry, stayed in our lane and focused our efforts on being the best at what we each do. While EventHub will provide you with an intuitive and industry-leading exhibitor platform that is priced at a modest annual subscription plan, TicketSpice will provide you the best and most affordable way to sell and manage your tickets online. Together you can host and manage incredibly successful events for your attendees and vendors alike!

Ready to learn more about TicketSpice? Click here to attend a demo! We can’t wait to hear more about your event!