What exactly is event ticket protection? Seeking clarity for himself and for our customers, Michael Bleau went straight to the source in our latest podcast. A few days back Michael had the chance to speak with Bryan Derbyshire, Founder and CEO of Protecht — the company behind Fan Shield. They are one of the leading sellers of ticket protection, and also offer event insurance through their product Event Shield. Take a listen below.

This is the third podcast episode in the Event Hub Live Events Podcast. Take a listen to our second episode, State of the Live Events Industry: Sponsorship + 411 on Event Cancellation Insurance. You can also read a quick recap here.

Main Story: Ticket Protection Demystified

Bryan shares his background and his inspiration that brought his company into being. He gives clarity to the nature of event ticket protection, and explains how it benefits an event attendee. He also discusses how it can be a lucrative ancillary revenue stream for live events. This includes the benefit of increasing consumer confidence when considering ticketing pre-sale strategies.

Event Insurance

Bryan also spends some time walking us through his Event Shield product as well as differentiating event general liability insurance versus event cancellation insurance. As we have done on many occasions recently due to how important it is for event organizers to understand, Michael and Bryan covered key info points related to cancellation insurance and Covid-19. Mainly, that all currently available event cancellation insurance, and specifically communicable disease coverage, includes an exclusion for Covid-19 related cancellations.

Real Talk

Bryan and Michael take a few minutes to discuss how their companies are adjusting given the current state of the industry due to the Coronavirus pandemic. They share feedback they are receiving from customers depicting the optimism of the industry about bouncing back, and live events coming back online. Both Michael and Bryan are confident that live events are not going away as an industry. Both of their respective companies are planning for the worst while hoping for the best.

Take a listen and let us know what you think!