In the growing cities of Austin, San Antonio, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Minneapolis/St. Paul, Marc Tucci, the CEO of Austin Sports & Social Club and its affiliates, have been creating communities where adults can engage in sports with the same spirit and joy they might have experienced in their youth. This network of sports leagues not only serves as a social platform but also as a unique avenue for brands to engage with a growing community. 

Here’s how Austin Sports & Social Club (SSC) and its sister organizations foster community and enhance brand engagement through their unique sports leagues and social events.

Building a Community Through Sports

Founded in 2005, the Austin SSC began with a simple goal: to offer adults a chance to continue playing sports in a fun, co-ed, and social environment. This model has since expanded to other cities, growing in scope and scale. Today, the clubs collectively cater to over 120,000 members across four major US markets, engaging a significant number of young, social, and active individuals.

At the heart of Austin SSC’s success is their commitment to a simple model: play an officiated game once a week, compete for fun and bragging rights, and then most importantly, gather socially after games. This setup not only brings back the fun of youth games but also cultivates a tight-knit community among its members

Engaging Brands with Targeted Demographics

The sports leagues offer an excellent platform for brands looking to engage directly with their audience, primarily in the 21-34 age range. Marc Tucci explains that unlike typical events which may have multiple sponsors vying for attention, their sports clubs create a high level of engagement by featuring only a single sponsor at a time. This single-sponsor approach provides a number of benefits, such as simplified logistics and clearer brand communication. 

Successful Brand Partnerships and Activations

The organization has had many successful brand activations with partners like Jimmy Johns, Shake Shack, and Anheuser-Busch. These companies have engaged with the league to conduct field sampling, distribute buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) offers, and more direct interactions like gathering consumer feedback on new products. Gatorade, Electrolit, Red Bull, and C4 have run multiple campaigns, all of whom have benefited from the logistical ease of having the sports clubs distribute samples directly at games.

How Brands Can Get Involved

For new brands looking to get involved, Austin SSC offers a straightforward and effective pilot program. Brands can start with a simple activation managed by Austin SSC’s team, with costs typically ranging from $1 to $1.75 per sample. This includes all logistics, like distribution and feedback collection, making it an efficient and cost-effective marketing strategy.

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The Future and Growth

Looking forward, Marc Tucci is optimistic about the growth and expansion of the leagues. With a consistent double-digit growth rate over the past four years and plans to expand offerings and locations, Austin SSC and its sister clubs are poised to engage even more members of the community, both adults and kids. The leagues have proven to be more than just sports organizations; they are pivotal social structures that enhance community interaction and provide substantial value to brand partners looking to connect with a lively, engaged audience.

Getting in Touch

For brands interested in partnering or anyone wishing to join the leagues, submit an application to any of  Austin SSC’s listed opportunities, or you can also use the “message” button on any page to start a conversion with their team.  More information can also be found on their website –,  and check out the hash tags #austinssc and #austinssckids.

The story of Austin Sports & Social Club is one of community, engagement, and growth. It’s a testament to the power of sports in building communities and the potential of thoughtful brand partnerships to enrich the experience for everyone involved. Whether you’re a potential partner looking to market your product or someone just wanting to play the game, Austin SSC welcomes you to engage with their thriving community.