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Facilitator: Michael Bleau, Co-founder and CEO, Event Hub.

Event Cancellations, Postponements, virtual programming and Stakeholder Communications: Dan Floyd, COO, Hood to Coast Relay.

Sponsorship: Teresa Stas, Director and CEO, Green Cactus Sponsorship Agency

Ticketing: Ryan Kintz, CEO, Afton Tickets


Q: Do you think larger acts might do pay-per-view events until things are lifted?

A: We are seeing some larger acts attempt this, however, they’ve had limited success with living-room quality performances. We do think there is an opportunity here for high-quality produced PPV live stream events.

Q: What about seating banquet style while needing to meet capacity requirements?

A: That could work if separated by family!

Q: I’m imagining a foodie/brew fest with all attendees in masks, not eating or drinking. Is that what you foresee?

A: I could envision reserved small cocktail tables (assigned by ticket) spaced out in the middle of a square layout, to allow for socially distanced enjoyment. Also it won’t be the ideal experience but straws for beer.

Q: How do you see sponsorship fees comparing live vs. virtual? The same? 50%? Other?

A: Great Question! This will evolve. It has a lot to do with if the Virtual event will achieve the goals the sponsor is wanting to gain. If its a well done virtual event and it achieves the sponsors goal it could be 100% Like anything if it doesn’t do what they are trying to achieve with sponsorships then you many not even get 40%. I think at this time in the virtual world it will be hard to get the same money as live.

Q: Maybe a wacky question, but is the thought if a vaccine is discovered in the next year, will events ever look the same?

A: Yes, once we have vaccine or herd immunity we do expect events to return to a more “normal” state but that could be mid to late 2021 or even later if states are being cautious.

Q: At some point, one organizer will have to come forward and hold the first live event following the ban – “break the seal,” so to speak. How can they do that and not come across as irresponsible to a still-wary public – but rather signal confidence that other live events can be held safely from that point forward?

A: It will be through strong messaging, very aggressive social distancing policies, readily available face mask and sanitizer stations throughout, and endorsement from local government.

Q: Social media is getting over saturated right now. Where do you recommend promoting the event (to of course make sponsors happy)?

A: Dedicated email blasts, live stream mentions, logo inclusion on main site, etc. are all great perks you can prove out value with!


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