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Intro: Mike Szukhent, President and CEO, Michigan Festivals and Events Association

Facilitator: Michael Bleau, Co-founder and CEO, Event Hub.

Event Cancellations, Postponements, virtual programming and Stakeholder Communications: Kat Paye, Executive Director, National Cherry Festival

Sponsorship: Teresa Stas, Director and CEO, Green Cactus Sponsorship Agency

Ticketing: Ryan Kintz, CEO, Afton Tickets


Q: How would you address social distancing for events that are more street style vs. an enclosed space? In example, when the main attraction is an outdoor artisan street fair where there really is no way to close off the space to keep track of how many people are in the space?

A: (Michael) This will greatly depend on the regulations required by local government. I would say there are definitely some best practices- marking sides of the street at one-way, requiring facial coverings, limiting the amount of people allowed inside a given booth, one way in, one way out of booths, are all things being used by many of the farmers markets currently in operation.

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