This summer we had the opportunity to work with two very talented interns. Making the transition from marketing our base platform to our virtual expo platform was no easy task. We had to set-up inbound sales funnels from Google and Facebook. This was quite a transition for us as we were mostly an outbound sales focused team.

Anna Grace and Maya helped build and optimize our paid ad campaigns and also worked on helping improve the SEO of our blog. Below, I asked them to share some of the things they learned!

Anna Grace:

Over the course of 11 weeks as an EventHub marketing intern, my understanding of the vitality of digital marketing for SaaS b2b companies blossomed. I was taught how to analyze and put into play marketing strategies, such as the marketing funnel, search engine optimization, and Google Analytics metrics, to increase advertisement effectiveness whilst decreasing the cost per click. As a result, I now understand the steps required in order to reach a wider, more invested customer-base through digital marketing.

In addition to developing digital marketing skills, my business writing knowledge was refined. Through generating advertisements for Facebook and Google as well as writing blog posts for the EventHub website, I learned how to produce readable and attention-grabbing advertisements and blog posts. The knowledge acquired became full-circle by utilizing the marketing strategies obtained and implementing them into writing for advertisements and blogs to produce optimal results.

Aside from developing an understanding of marketing, I had hands-on experience in creating virtual demo events for sales pitches, providing me with a greater understanding of how to develop virtual events. The EventHub internship provided me with a rare experience of learning how to market for a start-up and SaaS B2B company in a COVID-19 struck economy where digital marketing is a must.


Working for a start-up in the event industry during the COVID-19 pandemic was an extremely eye-opening and unique experience for me. I got to witness first hand the innovation that was undertaken in adapting to the virtual events industry. Through this, I had the chance to work on a variety of projects centered around digital marketing for a brand new virtual platform.

Over the course of my internship with Event Hub, I was introduced to all aspects of marketing, from learning about the marketing funnel and analyzing Facebook and Google campaigns, to writing blog posts and conducting SEO analysis on them. I additionally had the chance to tap into my creative side by generating ad content as well as creating mock virtual events for the company. For one of the first times, I felt that as an intern I was doing work that brought forth real value to the company, and allowed me to grow immensely in my skills.

As someone who comes from an economics and statistics background, I was given the opportunity to dive deep into analytical work, something I know I will carry with me for the rest of my career. Not only was I given an invaluable opportunity to learn advanced Google Analytics, but I conducted an in depth analysis on our Facebook ads. I worked to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness within the campaign and culminated my project with a final presentation on next steps to our CEO. Additionally the SEO analysis I conducted taught me the importance of focus keywords in digital marketing and how that optimizes our content for visibility.

Over the past 11 weeks, my knowledge in digital marketing and its importance in a B2B space has flourished. Moreover, I learnt the importance of startups in our current economy and how companies like Event Hub use innovation to drive growth during times like this.

From the Team:

I speak for the entire EventHub team when I say that Anna Grace and Maya did an amazing job this summer. They helped optimize paid ad campaigns that originally only produced 5–6 scheduled demos a week to 10–12 scheduled demos per week, improved our SEO scores, and also helped contribute to the EventHub blog. Best of luck to both of you in your future endeavors!

We are also hiring for our fall marketing internship program! For those who are interested, shoot me an email at