As Covid-19 has caused the cancellation of most 2020 shows, the music industry has turned to virtual event production to deliver for fans. The emergence of virtual events allows artists and festival organizers to create unique new experiences and treat dedicated fans to more personalized takes on their favorite acts, such as broadcasting previously unseen footage from famous shows. Below are a couple recent examples of both classic footage repurposing and new takes on tech to bring music to the people through virtual events.

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Phish’s “Dinner and a Movie” Series

Phish – a famous jam and rock band – has taken advantage of their loyal fan base’s “sitting duck” circumstance. The band successfully retains their Gen X fanbase with their “Dinner and a Movie” archival video series. The series contains a full show, a dinner recipe, and a weekly non-profit they’ve partnered with. As a result, the group has garnered a wider fanbase. Other artists, however, have taken the path of partnering with virtual music festivals, such as Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland “Around the World” Festival

Tomorrowland, a Belgium electronic music festival with 400,000 people in attendance annually, created an “Around the World” digital festival experience. This experience allows the festival to retain customers, revenue, and artist connections. The festival contains a lineup with over 60 EDM artists performing across 8 3D and special effect stages. In addition, it will feature webinars, games, and workshops centered around music and the artists. The event requires purchased tickets for the weekend, generating exclusivity. Tomorrowland’s unique concert production experience allows them to stand out from other festivals.

Retrospekt Festival with EventHub

Similarly, Retrospekt, an LA-based virtual concert and music festival, is partnered with EventHub. As a result, they are able to get people out of their musical comfort zone while supporting artists and non-profit organizations. The festival is taking place on July 11th and 12th via EventHub. The festival is donation-based with all proceeds going towards MusiCares, the Recording Academy’s foundation that assists people within the music industry. EventHub offers a full virtual venue with interactive access to event partners throughout events. Furthermore, Retrospekt is embedding Twitch and YouTube through EventHub for performances. Through EventHub, Retrospekt and future music-oriented virtual events have a platform to easily connect fans with artists and event organizers.

As more live performances are becoming canceled, virtual concert production is increasingly vital. Additionally, event organizers and artists must get more creative to retain their fanbase. Tomorrowland and Phish are using the opportunity to bring a unique experience to their fans. Retrospekt, and many other events, are adopting EventHub’s interactive virtual venue to both allow acts to engage more directly with their fanbase, and offer sponsors a way to activate with a virtual audience. Check out our list of mostly free virtual event production tools here.