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A2Z Media Group is a local, woman and minority-owned advertising event agency that has been organizing the 2nd largest Dia de los Muertos Festival in California for 10 years. They’re the team behind many amazing Bay Area events.  These include the upcoming annual Pridefest Oakland 2022 and all Oakland Roots soccer games for the last 3 years. They have over 20 years of large event production experience. They streamline their b2b partner operations through EventHub. Angelica Contreras, Co-founder and President of Media Strategy, shares her story.


Before Versus After EventHub

Prior to EventHub, they were largely a pen and paper operation. For Dia de los Muertos this meant a repetitive email, call, email, and call again, out to (the more than 60% of) vendors who weren’t tech savvy! EventHub has become a one-stop shop, especially for collecting paperwork required by the city of Oakland to produce a mass attendee event.

“The hours that it has probably saved is in the hundreds, when you’re talking about a 250 vendor in-person event,” says Angelica. However, it’s not just for massive events. Adds Angelica, “We use EventHub religiously for any event with more than ten vendors.”


Collecting Money from Vendors More Efficiently

Prior to EventHub, one of the biggest challenges for them was collecting money from participating vendors. The platform makes it easy to collect credit card payments through a Stripe integration. It is also to mark off check and ACH payments as they come in. “One of our clients used to have to pay someone to sit onsite part-time, and wait for vendors to stop by with their printed paperwork and to pay the vendor fees. We are able to position this as a hard cost for our clients because it provides a way for everyone to pay, reserve a spot, and be compliant in one fell swoop.” Along with saving their team a bunch of hours just being on-call, overall it saves the orgs a bunch of unnecessary staffing hours. This translates to real dollars over the course of an event cycle.


EventHub Onboarding Process and Ongoing Support

Something that sets EventHub apart from other event management software products is the care and training provided by our Customer Success team. “The training was absolutely fantastic,” explains Angelica. “When we get employees into the platform so they can see how all of the backend (of producing the event) works, there is a value to that. It can be time consuming to get them up to speed and having to train new employees when turnover happens.” EventHub provides live training sessions for customers and retrains orgs for new platform users. While also providing a tutorial rich Help Center, live chat, and email/phone support.



Whether you are a professional production company producing a portfolio of client events, or an org attempting to produce your own public festival, fair, or sporting event, EventHub is a great platform for streamlining all things sponsor and vendor related. You will easily manage applications, payments, paperwork, and booth assignments. CLICK HERE to request a demo.


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Angelica Contreras, Co-Founder, A2Z Media Group. If you are looking for a bay area professional production company to help your event, contact A2Z Media Group at