Looking to launch a successful event series? Read on for a behind-the-scenes look at how one of the most popular event series recently has a very success launch of the Spartan Race 2024 event calendar on EventHub’s marketplace for finding booths, activation, and sponsorship opportunities. 

In the following sections, you’ll learn about effective platform selection, developing integrated partnership packages, harnessing data for targeted marketing, simplifying partnership processes with digital tools, and diversifying event portfolios. These tips are not just theories but proven practices that can benefit event planners and marketers in any stage of their career. Read on to discover how these strategies can be applied to your next event series for maximum impact.


1. Partner with External Platforms for Maximum Exposure

Choosing the right platform can significantly boost a brand’s visibility. Spartan Races’ decision to use the EventHub event activation and sponsorship marketplace, a platform with a long history of success in the endurance racing industry, brought Spartan’s events into sharper focus for a targeted audience. For brands in niche markets, selecting a platform that resonates with their specific audience is crucial.

EventHub is used widely across many diverse event verticals – it’s well known amongst vendors and sponsors for food festivals, city events, trade shows, parades and many more. See more on the EventHub marketplace to see how your event calendar would get a huge boost in visibility to a targeted audience of buyers. It’s not just about being seen; it’s about being seen by the right people.


2. Maximize Impact with Integrated Partnership Packages

Spartan Races excelled in creating comprehensive partnership packages. These packages offered partners a chance to engage deeply with a passionate community. By integrating various aspects of the Spartan brand, from races to social engagements, these packages provide a holistic experience. This approach shows the power of offering more than just a logo on a banner. It’s about creating meaningful connections that benefit both the brand and its partners.

An integrated partnership package can boost your sponsorship revenue and attract higher-value sponsors to your event. Learn from some of the best in the business like Spartan Races Sponsorhips on EventHub.


3. Use Data-Driven Insights for Marketing Success

The success of Spartan Races also hinged on their use of data. They launched their calendar through email and a targeted press release, to targeted audiences of motivated known vendors and buyers in the endurance racing space. This approach led to higher open and click-through rates in their email campaigns. It’s not just about the size of an email list, it’s how curated it is. Getting the right message to 20 of the right people is better than sending a broader, unfocused message to 1000. 

Additionally, that digital marketing is made far stronger and more effective because Spartan has a strong online platform to showcase their sponsorship opportunities. If you are still sharing a static PDF that a potential sponsor or vendor has to download and squint at on their phone, you are handicapping your digital marketing efforts at the knees.  

4. Streamline Partnerships with Intuitive Digital Solutions

Spartan Races’ use of EventHub streamlined their partnership processes. As above with having a digital showcase for your sponsorship opportunities, having that showcase be accompanied by a “buy now” button is often the difference between a new sponsor and a missed opportunity. Modern digital platforms like EventHub simplify complex logistics, making it easier for you to connect with your potential partners. Efficiency is key in the world of event partnerships (especially with busy agency partners who have to move fast), and using modern digital platforms like EventHub are at the heart of this efficiency.


5. Expand Brand Reach with Diverse Event Portfolios

Spartan Races demonstrated the effectiveness of having a diverse event portfolio. By offering events like Spartan Races, Tough Mudder, and DEKA FIT, they attract a broader audience. This diversity in events ensures that their portfolio appeals to different segments, and thus a wider sponsorship pool. If you have multiple similar events across a calendar year, consider sub-branding to increase the perceived and real diversity of audiences – positioning is everything.



The partnership between Spartan Races and EventHub is a showcase for success for how leveraging digital platforms to expand your reach, creating integrated partnership packages, using data-driven marketing strategies, streamlining partnerships with digital solutions, and expanding your event portfolio are all key ingredients for a successful event calendar launch.

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