From advanced ticketing through the use of RFID wristbands to LED screens the size of convention centers, event technology is constantly evolving. As events have been forced to evolve and pivot in the wake of Covid-19, that innovation has frequently come in the form of virtual event programming and technology. In order to support customers through this industry-wide shift, Event Hub debuts its Virtual Expo / Vendor Village Platform.

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Why Create a Virtual Expo Platform?

It all started when EventHub looked for ways to support its customers during the pandemic. However, they found there was a gap.  They couldn’t find a platform that allows event organizers to support programming with truly unique virtual partnerships.

Current platforms only allow for entertainment in a one stream format. EventHub sought to find ways that allow events to do more than just list advertisements of sponsors online. The Virtual Expo/Vendor Village Platform helps to create meaningful and engaging experiences in real-time. The product allows event customers to justify asking for partnership fees for their virtual events. It gives event organizers the chance to start making revenue again and in the future.

How it’s Helping

The team truly focused on making the platform as easy to use as possible. One that someone of any technical know-how can set-up and navigate. The search features are similar to one most are familiar with via Google. The way images are presented is also similar to how we are used to being presented with visual information online. It is easy for both the event hosts and users to maneuver. An artist can go live and show how they make their art while people can also easily check out their store and buy directly online through an integration.

What About the Future?

While no one can predict the future, one thing is certain, the want for virtual connection is not going anywhere. By utilizing tools like the Virtual Expo/Vendor Village Platform an event can expand its reach. Not only can this platform be used when an in-person one can’t happen it can also be implemented alongside an event in real life. Imagine being able to connect with a larger audience. Make your event more inclusive by having options for those who can’t travel to the event. This also makes it more accessible to those who may have trouble navigating a physical event.

Expand your events reach with a Virtual Expo/Vendor Village.

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