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Webinar Recording, Resources, and More

Thank you for attending our recent webinar! We’ve created this unlisted web page as an easy way to provide easy access to the webinar recording and resource links. We will also share follow up information here. We’re happy to extend the conversation in the comments below. We’ve also recently launched private Facebook groups for Festival Organizers and Fair Organizers.

We will update this page as we receive additional inbound resource info. Thank you!

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Webinar Recording Link:


Colorado Festival and Events Association: Lexy Kingsbaker, Board Member

Colorado Association of Fairs & ShowsJeremiah Bogenhagen, President

Sponsorship: Teresa Stas, Director and CEO, Green Cactus Sponsorship Agency

Ticketing: Ryan Kintz, CEO, Afton Tickets

Stakeholder Communications and Facilitator: Michael Bleau, CEO, Event Hub

Resource Links

Sponsorship Resources

Ticketing Resources

General SBA Resources and Links