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Thank you for attending our recent webinar! We’ve created this unlisted web page as an easy way to provide easy access to the webinar recording and resource links. We will also share follow up information here. We’re happy to extend the conversation in the comments below. For those with festivals, join Event Hub’s private Facebook group for Festival Organizers.

We will update this page as we receive additional inbound resource info. Thank you!

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California Main Street Association: Rachael Snedecor, Board Member

California Farmers’ Markets AssociationGail Hayden, Director

Sponsorship: Teresa Stas, Director and CEO, Green Cactus Sponsorship Agency

Ticketing: Ryan Kintz, CEO, Afton Tickets

Stakeholder Communications and Facilitator: Michael Bleau, CEO, Event Hub


Q: Do you allow prepackaged food vendors? I’m guessing no crafters are allowed. We have been working to reopen but the restrictions are so expensive that we can’t see how we financially support the market.

A: Gail:Yes pre-packaged is allowed, Hot food on site food is now “To Go” only.

Q: The concept of mass gathering is troubling. Who can we lobby to have definitions. Many of our outdoor events are different from other mass gathering.

A: Gail: The definitions are already in the state sherlter in place orders. We will look to post these via a resource link in the coming days.

Q: Quick Question for Gail – Why do you recommend placing handwashing stations at every stall in a farmers market?

A: Gail: It gives confidence to customers that growers can wash their hands often.

Q: With new restrictions in place, are people having to hire additional staff/security or volunteers?

A: Rachael: Once we know what allowances are, we’ll know where to fill in. Start thinking of volunteers for those “Watchers and spotters”

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